Finger Puppets – Dress Those Digits Up!

Written by Samantha Schaefer

If Obama, Freud, and Frida Kahlo all had lunch together, what do you think they’d talk about?



Let’s be real here: We’re all children inside. Even children are children inside! Never too grown up for finger puppets, especially it’s a puppet of Frida Kahlo. Or Freud. Or Obama—the list goes on!

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild has the ultimate puppet hook-up! Some are beautiful (Kahlo), some are comical (Andy Warhol), some are a little…creepy (Vincent Van Gogh). These little puppets are actually detailed works of art! And they’re magnetic!

Also, they’re excellent tool for teaching kids. The Unemployed Philosophers Guild makes finger puppets from a wide range of historical periods, literary genres, art periods, and throws a little pop-culture in the mix!


Put on a historical finger puppet show?! Yes. Finger puppet auto-biography? Think of all of the possibilities!

Visit our store online at or drop by the shop in person: 225 South Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, Michigan!


Finger Puppets – Dress Those Digits Up!

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