° Plan On It! °

Written by Samantha Schaefer

large-written-in-the-stars-september-17-interior_9ada68c5-067a-4c9f-8324-fe4e41aab3ea_1024x1024Agenda season at Petals and Postings is always a special time of year. Hot summer days on the downtown mall slowly become saturated with iconic Michigan humidity as June slides into July. Slow, thoughtful days at the shop—suddenly broken by huge deliveries of boxes upon boxes of brand spanking new agendas—our delivery man is pretty buff. And so are we!

Opening the boxes is always like Christmas in July…errr…Christmas in June! Beautiful, exciting new designs from the geniuses at ban.do, Rifle Paper Co., Lilly Pulitzer, and Kate Spade—it’s hard not to feel excitement for all that this year might hold. This year’s new agendas are such amazing works of art, that I can’t help but hope that they foretell a year full of bright colors, positive vibes, and innovation.

I often think of my agenda as though it were a trusty companion, a sidekick, my magical talisman! When buying a new agenda? I’m super picky. You’ve gotta find just the right fit. That’s why we’ve put together a list of staff favorites!

Staff Picks

Amy’s Fave: Kate Spade New York – “Written in Stars” (Zodiac) – 17 Month Agenda

Likes: “Beautiful artwork—really like the zodiac theme! The medium size fits really well in my purse—it’s really portable! Also, the covered spiral bound makes it really easy to stuff all of my papers and lists in the planner, kind of like a binder, and then keep everything together with elastic band closure.”

Dislikes: “I think there could be more space in the weekly/daily sections to write.”

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Phylecia’s Fave – Lilly Pulitzer – Pineapple Navy – Pineapple Navy

Likes: “It’s Shiny.”

Dislikes: “I’m generally not a big fan of spiral bound notebooks/agendas. They always get tangled up with everything in my bag. I wish it came in non-spiral form.”

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Sam’s Fave – ban.do – “You’re Killing It!!!” – 17 Month Agenda

Likes: “It’s spunky. Beautiful artwork, positive quotes throughout, and I really like the size. Fits really well in pretty much any bag. Also, I love stickers. Also really like the way the agenda is set up—they give a few blank pages for notes at the beginning of each month. Really useful!”

Dislikes: “Kind of wish it had two pockets?”

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Ariel’s Fave – Rifle Paper Co. – 2018 Herb Garden – 17 Month Agenda

Likes: “I really like the color palette—it’s floral without being too girly. It’s also a really good size. Big enough to have enough room to write, but not super heavy to carry around.”

Dislikes: “There’s not quite enough space to fully write out my day in the weekly/daily sections. There could be twice as much space for each day and it’d be perfect!”

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That’s it for our picks!

Whether you’re browsing online www.petalsandpostings.com  or are planning on stopping by our shop in Downtown Kalamazoo, we’ve got you covered!

° Plan On It! °

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